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A: As your body rids itself of Candida, you may feel temporary side effects. This can include headaches, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms. Increased water intake and smaller dosages can help ease these symptoms. For further assistance, or if symptoms persist, please consult your primary care doctor.

A: Generally, you can take fish oil and multivitamins while on the plan. After Week 10, please consult with your doctor for any other products to be taken.

A: It’s a 50 mg capsule derived from castor bean oil consisting of 10-undecenoic acid and a base of extra virgin olive oil. It is free of wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, flours and nuts.

A: This is vitamin C from ascorbic acid, rutin, acerola cherry powder extract, rose hips powder, and citrus bioflavonoid. Lighthouse Herbs has a formulated combination that combats and helps eliminate Candidiasis. When used correctly, it helps the body detox. Lighthouse Herbs is specifcally crafted to leave your body refreshed and to give you a clean foundation to begin building a healthy life

What is Candida?

It is a single-celled organism that is normally found in small amounts in humans. Candida becomes a problem when it turns into a fungal infection called Candidiasis. When overproduced it can break down the wall of the intestine and get into the bloodstream, releasing toxic by-products. Because of this, Candidiasis can be the leading cause of a leaky gut. Many different health problems have been related to Candida overgrowth, since a big portion of your immune system depends on a healthy gut.

How did I get candidiasis?

1. Eating a diet that is low in nutrients, but high in refned carbs andsugars can lead to Candidiasis.
2. Using oral contraceptives.
3. Leading a stressful lifestyle.
4. The use of Antibiotics, which can deplete good bacteria andcause Candidiasis growth.
5. Alcohol consumption

As the world’s food is becoming less nutritious, and more and more processed food is made and sold at record rates, it’s hard to avoid buying it and consuming it.

How is Candidiasis Diagnosed?

1. IgG, IgA, Igm.
2. Comprehensive stool tests.
3. Urine Analysis.
4. If you have taken antibiotics, even when a child, this can allow accelerated Candida growth rate when you get older.

Treatment Protocol

1. Candida Clear.
2. Everyday Vitamin C Power Formula.
3. Strong probiotic.
4. Additional products recommended by your doctor