Dr. Tom Bryant


Dr. Tom Bryant

Dr. Tom Bryant has been helping patients recover their mobility, lose weight and achieve optimum health since he graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001.  Affectionately called Dr. T by many of his patients, for over 15 years he has had extraordinary success helping people with severe injuries achieve good health.

As Dr. T puts it, “I feel that Chiropractic choose me as much as I choose it,” since his career path began as a search for answers to his own health challenges. When Dr. T was just 17 his knee was shattered during a wrestling match, followed by several other injuries sustained while engaging in sports competitions. The result was severe pain, a limp and a continued disappointment in traditional medicine’s ability to help him.

Finding relief under the care of a chiropractic doctor, Dr. T decided to pursue a chiropractic degree himself. After completing his formal education at Palmer, Dr. T went on to study techniques developed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, extremity adjustment procedures under Dr. Mitch Mally and innovative manipulation of the spine and muscles as practiced by Dr. Burl Pettibon.  This self-created study program enabled Dr. T to provide a unified theory and practice of complete Chiropractic care.

But Dr. T’s professional discoveries didn’t stop there. One of the many things that attracted him to the Chiropractic medicine was its holistic approach to healing and the belief that good nutrition was the foundation of good health. As part of his formal chiropractic studies, Tom studied nutrition and gained an understanding of how much our daily diet impacts every aspect of our health. After he established his own practice, Health Solutions Precision Spinal Care, he began working on a nutritional food supplement under the brand name Lighthouse Herbs to enhance the treatment options he could offer patients.

Based on his knowledge and his own personal experience with nutritional supplements, Dr. T formulated a unique and two-step regimen to fight Candida and promote healthy weight loss – Candida Detox Weight Loss program. The program consists of Candida Clear, an exclusive preparation to rid the body of Candidiasis and Everyday Vitamin C Power Formula. The Lighthouse Herb Plan has been enormously successful in helping not only Dr. T’s patients, but those of his colleagues as well. In addition, Dr. T also offers classes in Nutrition and Healthcare every Tuesday in his office.

Typical of his altruistic nature, Dr. Bryant, has in effect, adopted a small village in the Philippines as a sort of private charity. On a visit to the islands, Tom noticed how malnourished and impoverished some of the islanders were – especially in the more remote areas. So about three years ago, Tom began running food and toy drives to collect donations three or four times year to send to these villagers. Toys as well as food were included to ensure even the youngest members of the community would know that they were remembered.

Today, thanks to excellent chiropractic care, good nutrition and a lifelong love of healthy exercise, Dr. Tom Bryant enjoys the gift of perfect health despite the injuries of his youth. It’s a gift he has devoted his entire professional life to sharing with others. For Dr. T’s goal as a doctor and as a human being is to make a positive difference to people – one patient at a time.